Butter Chicken ParathaRs.168
Succulent butter chicken stuffed into whole wheat bread made in pure ghee.
Chicken Kheema ParathaRs.168
Spicy chicken kheema stuffed into whole wheat bread made in pure ghee.
Kesar PhirniRs.78
Rich aromatic dessert made with a delicious mix of rice, milk, saffron, dry fruits and condensed milk
Laccha ParathaRs.42
A multi-layered flat bread doused with generous amounts of ghee
Aloo KulchaRs. 40
Flour and potato mixture rolled into a flat round shape and baked till golden brown
Methi parathaRs.42
Flat bread doused with garlic, green chillies, garam masala and fresh methi leaves
Buttermilk mixed with spices and cumin
Butter ChickenRs.300
Chunks of boneless chicken cooked in a smooth buttery & creamy tomato based gravy
Nutella ParathaRs.120
Delicious nutella and ghee mixed into wheat flour and rolled into a flatbread
Punjabi LassiRs.66
Thick and smooth sweetened curd topped with pistachios and almonds